<Closed eyes> Series

Close up. 2017
One of <Closed eyes> series painting

These series were inspired by current political issues such as presidential impeachment in South Korea, presidential election in U.S.A and Syrian civil war.

I found closing eyes conveys two ironical acts, both negative and positive. One is negative act in which one ignores or separates itself from the outside world as an immediate response to unpleasant moment. The other is positive act in which one intentionally closes eyes to find inner self for peaceful mind.
I supposed this is closely related to what people feel about present time. There are two extreme situations in which individuals search for peace, but the world seems to hard to see or confront with their own eyes.

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<Dancer> series

Pink Legs. 2017
One of Dancer series painting

Dancer series started with found images from contemporary dance. Re-arrangement of dancers’ poses loosen dancers’ kinesthetic effects. By doing so, dancers’ poses interact with the invisible scenes cut out from the frame and play a part of role to lead into narrative context. Juxtaposition of figures shows mysterious ways and surrounded layers of colors create surreal and bizarre scene.

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<Connected> performance

Documented in video

Braiding Installation Video

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Braiding act with Dance involves the audience

A total of 8 Models(Volunteers) will be seated on left and right sides, their faces looking on opposite sides, i.e., seated back-to-back. Braided hair is connected/woven each other and all hair will be connected to one string and placed on the ground.


Stars,clouds and web

Open and connect.2016
(detail image)

This series developed out of a personal exploration of anthropomorphism and semantic experimentation.
Stars are countless, but finite, which are born and someday fade away.
Clouds are traces of life, both real and unreal, with volume yet without tactile substance.
The web is connected to those within it and to the reality that surrounds it,
tethering together the world with the individuals that inhabit it.
As paradoxes and oxymoron, these elements and images define my EXISTENCE.

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Past time/ Error

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images from the event

Collboration work with Contemporary Dancers and Chinese Suzhou traditional Dancers


Opaque Reflections

Yinyang. 2014
from Invitation flyer

“Taichi” Video work

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Soo Kyung Hong is a South Korean artist currently living in Shanghai. With her exhibition “Opaque Reflections”, she invites the visitor to dive into her impressions of the megacity. Preserved in mixed media ‘snapshots’ on paper as well as acrylic paintings on canvas, the works explore the unique struggle and beauty in chaos of life between Chinese economy and culture. Like a look through a window the pieces expose the hidden interaction between Soo’s cultural background and her experiences in Shanghai, especially her observations on music and dance. During the exhibition opening life music and dances will bring her work life and give us an idea of her personal 窗花, “look through the window”.